IK Policy

Our constantly growing and developing group is aware of the fact that it takes i power from your colleagues and for this reason, investing in human resources is one of our most important principles.
Our main goal is to bring together competent team members who are compatible with the strategies of our group and corporate culture, respectful to ethical values, who add value to the group and team members with their operations, who are dynamic, focused on development and ideal for team work.

You can send us your CV for our open and possible positions; insankaynaklari@koyuncu.com

In this direction, our human resources policy is;

  • To create a fair working environment regardless of language, religion, sex,
  • To transform the vision, mission and values of the group and companies into a part of the study culture,
  • Encouraging adaptation to the changing a business environment and ensuring continuous improvement,
  • To establish and implement teamwork, processes to improve value-added positive working communication and to ensure that it is implemented,
  • To work with the focus on competence and performance,
  • To direct our activities with sustainability and social responsibility awareness,
  • To position ourselves as a desirable workplace and to ensure sustainability.

I never had a work place of my own!
Every morning it wasnt my work place i was going to it was my home;
And together i was with my friends.
We were together and a great big Family...
Yes a great big family.

Refik Koyuncu
Honorary President of Koyuncu Group

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