Koyuncu Group, which was founded by Refik Koyuncu in 1966, successfully continues its existence with more than 1.150 employees and an operating income of over 230 million USD in the fields of Fuel, Automotive, Vehicle Inspection, Energy, Salt Production, Agriculture, Chemistry, Marble and Defence Industry.

In the automotive sector, it has been the brand leader in Konya province for years with the Fiat Dealership. At the beginning of 2019, the sales showroom of Jeep and Alfa Romeo brands was opened and services are provided for these brands as well as Chrysler, Lancia and Dodge brands. In addition, services such as second-hand sales, fleet and individual leasing and expertise are also offered.

Koyuncu Group is the major salt producer in Turkey with its modern production facilities in Salt Lake, which has 50% of Turkey's salt export share. Also the liquid salt plant in Bursa produces high quality refined liquid salt for the textile industry.

Koyuncu Group has 21 vehicle inspection stations in 9 cities and 11 mobile stations as well. Koyuncu Vehicle Inspection is the top business partner of Tuvturk.

Koyuncu Group produces environmental friendly electricity through 19 solar power plants with an installed capacity of 24 MWp in Konya, Nevsehir and Ankara. The Group also supplies the energy for its own consumption in various fields from these power plants and on its way to becoming a pioneer in the region in this field.

Koyuncu Group, which operates 5 fuel stations in Konya city centre and Sarayönü district with Shell and Total Energies brands, maintains its brand leadership in Konya in this field.

Koyuncu Group is the largest private sector partner of the defence industry investment established in Konya in partnership with Aselsan.

Our group stepped into the geothermal greenhouse business in the agricultural sector, Afyonkarahisar Sandıklı region, in 2021. With the modern soilless farming method and good agricultural practices, truss tomatoes are grown in a production area of ​​102,240 m2. 5 million kg of tomato is produced annually and 140 people are employed in our facility which means making a significant contribution to the country's economy and workforce.

Our group, which commissioned the marble quarry located in Ilgın district of Konya province in 2022, introduced the homogeneous structure and high quality products in our marble quarry, which has a high reserve, to the whole world with the KYC Marble brand and gained great demand in domestic and foreign markets.

Koyuncu Kimya Chlorine Alkali Plant which commisioned in 2023 was designed as a modern chemical production facility equipped with the latest technology machinery and equipment. Approximately 50 people were employed in the first phase of production in the facility, and additional employment will be provided depending on production and market conditions.

Koyuncu Group, one of the partners of INSOS Energy in the field of Solar Energy Systems, has been providing consultancy, design, installation, operation and maintenance services to over 400 solar power plants in 28 provinces of Turkey.

Our latest investment in chemistry industry, the Sodium Pyrosulphite Production Plant, will be completed by 2024 in the Karatau/Taraz region of Kazakhstan. It is planned to employ 40 people in our facility.