Huge Investment in Modern Technological Greenhouse

Having crowned its 55th anniversary with new investments, Koyuncu Group started investing in a technological greenhouse with geothermal heating where it will primarily produce tomatoes. Gen Group Tarım Yatırımları A.Ş., one of the leading companies in its sector, is the prime contractor for the completion of the turnkey construction of the modern greenhouse.

Merve Turgut: "We are excited to contribute to Turkey's exports"

Merve Turgut stated that Turkey has become a leading country in agricultural products, especially in tomato exports, and said: “The usage area of ​​tomatoes is rapidly expanding all over the world. Consumption amounts are increasing in different cuisines of the world.

We think that Turkey has greater opportunities because it is a plant that loves heat and light. For this reason, we chose Sandikli district, where geothermal resources and lighting are high. The biggest advantage of modern greenhouses is that you can harvest crops in all seasons, not seasonal. We will produce tomatoes in bunches in the first stage with modern soilless farming methods. We aim to harvest in the first months of 2022 in our greenhouse, which has a production area of ​​100,000 square meters, which is planned to be planted in November 2021. Our annual production target is 6 million kg of tomatoes. It will be a production facility where we will obtain natural products by providing the most appropriate climate for plants with fully biological control and 100% automation systems where bumblebees are fertilized. We will export a significant part of our production to many countries, especially to European and Middle Eastern countries and Russia. We will employ 120 employees in this investment. It has a special value for us as most of the employees will be women. After the success of the investment, we want to invest more in new agricultural projects . I wish our country to be beneficial from now on."

Gökhan Gösterişli: "It will be a very valuable investment"

Stating that they are very happy to be preferred for Koyuncu Greenhouse investment, Gen Group Tarım Yatırımları A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Gökhan Gösterişli said that an exemplary investment will be made with its technological infrastructure and automation system. Stating that they have carried out projects in many countries of the world in the field of greenhouse technologies, he said: “We are very pleased that Koyuncu Group has invested in agricultural production. Because our country needs to reach a very strong position in modern agricultural production. While the needs of the countries in our region for agricultural products are increasing, we must be able to respond to these needs in the best and fastest way. We will mobilize all our experience and current technologies for the greenhouse investment we will realize for the Koyuncu Group. I believe that it will be an exemplary investment when it is completed. I would like to thank the Koyuncu Group managers who chose our company for such an important investment, and I hope it will be beneficial for them and our country.