Chemical Investment from Koyuncu Group to Contribute to the Current Account Deficit

Preparing to celebrate its 55th anniversary, Koyuncu Group started the "Chlorine Alkali Facility" investment for the production of "Caustic", from which nearly half of our country's needs are imported. This investment to be realized in Konya province will be implemented on an area of ​​33 thousand m2 with an investment cost of 150 million TL. When the facility is completed, 80 people will be employed in the first phase and will have an annual production capacity of 50 thousand tons.

"It will be a High Value Added Investment"

Chlorine-alkali products, whose basic raw material is salt and which is included in the 'Medium and High Industrial Products List' of the Ministry of Industry, are used in many areas such as petro-chemistry, detergent, iron and steel, textile, paper, automotive, food, paint and metal industries Stating that they were used, İbrahim Koyuncu, Chairman of the Executive Board of Koyuncu Group, made the following statements:

“In line with our country's sustainable development goals; We decided to invest in the chemical industry towards reducing imports, foreign dependency and current account deficit, increasing employment, and producing high productivity and added value. The chemical industry is one of the basic components of industrial production in the modern world.

The sector in which chemical industry products are not used as input in its production is very low. As a result of the interaction of salt, water and electricity through electrolysis, chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen main products, which are strategically important, are obtained in Chlor-Alkali plants.

In this facility that we will build with our 100% equity in Konya, caustic, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid will be produced in the first place, and our investments for the production of derivative products will continue in the future. While choosing the technology in our investment, the latest technologies that are environmentally friendly and focused on energy efficiency are taken as basis. We wish our investment to be beneficial for our country.”

Raslan Matar, Chairman of Vespro A.Ş., said: “Koyuncu Group; has chosen one of the world's leading Chlorine Alkali technology provider companies and has reached an agreement with VESPRO, an experienced Turkish company, to make this project turnkey. The project duration is 15 months and it is planned to start production by the beginning of 2022. Countries contributing to the mobility and continuity of employment and the economy at a time when Turkey had a difficult time as the world is also a source of joy for us."