Konya's Most Comprehensive Auto Expertise Service Has Started

The mobility experienced in the second hand market continues to improve automotive expertise services. Koyuncu Automotive, the leading automotive company in Konya and Karaman region, has also made an important investment in the expertise sector. It will maintain its leadership in the second-hand automotive industry, with state-of-the-art systems that can provide detailed expertise to all vehicles up to 175 kW.

The expertise service is in the Koyuncu Automotive service section at the entrance of Büsan Sanayi, Ankara road will be at the service of all our citizens. It will serve 6 days a week without the need for an appointment. Making a statement on the subject, Koyuncu Automotive Service Manager Onur Uyanerler said: “As you know, by August 2020, expertise will be mandatory in the sale of second-hand vehicles. We wanted to maintain our pioneering mission in the automotive industry in this area as well. We have established our expertise unit with state-of-the-art equipment and equipment within our service building. We assigned our expert colleagues in this unit in this unit and subjected themselves to the necessary training. Our citizens can come to Koyuncu Automotive safely and get their vehicles expertise. As always, we will endeavor to provide the best service under the most favorable conditions. ”