Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible company group, we apply corporate social responsibility principles effectively, place carrying natural resources to future generations and sustainability of nature, human rights and health to the center of all our operations.

Kadınhanı Refik - Saime Koyuncu State Hospital

Carrying out employment with investments in many fields, Koyuncu Group operrates to serve its country with social responsibility projects. One of our corporate social responsibility projects are is to convert the state hospital located in Konya Kadınhanı county into a modern hospital with 50 beds and 10 clinics by reconstructing in 2018.

Recycling Project

Koyuncu Group gives great importance to conducting its economic activities that are respectful to nature and sustainability. In all departments of the Group, recycling processes are carried out in the most efficient manner and both employees and stakeholders are regularly informed.

Waste Battery Collection Project

Waste batteries, one of nature's biggest enemies, are carefully collected in Koyuncu Group companies and included in the recycling system. In order to increase this awareness, Waste Battery Collection Contest was organized among the companies and units within the group in the last quarter of 2018 and this competition aims to set an example for both employees and stakeholders by contributing to the protection of the environment.

We Are Aware of Autism

Koyuncu Group supports Turkey's largest autistic training center SOBE Foundation. In order to inform  all employees about the SOBE Foundation and autism awareness, the bags produced for the benefit of the foundation were delivered to all our employees with informative materials about autism. Koyuncu Group continues its material and moral contributions in order to combat the rapidly spreading autism in our country and in the world.

Koyuncu Group Supported 500 Students with the “Our Children are Our Future” Project

Koyuncu Group has added a new one to its social responsibility projects. At the beginning of 2019-2020 academic calendar, the aid materials were prepared with the contributions of Koyuncu Group’s employees and business partners were delivered to 7 village schools in Konya.

Stationery supplies, books, educational materials, clothes, gift certificates, cleaning products, etc., which were brought together for different age groups such as kindergarten, primary school and secondary school, were delivered to approximately 500 students in need by the self-sacrificing cooperation of Koyuncu Group employees and business partners. The aid materials were transported to 7 village schools in the districts of Sarayonu, Kadinhani, Cihanbeyli and Sereflikochisar with the help of students, teachers and local people.


Koyuncu Group Continues to Support the Education of Children

Koyuncu Group, which has made a name for itself with its social responsibility projects, has supported the renewal of the intelligence classes of Konya Selçuklu Toki Kindergarten and Primary School in Beyhekim District and the renewal of the intelligence classes of Istiklal Secondary School in the Karatay District of Konya Province, by signing two more new projects.

The names of our founder, Refik Koyuncu, who is known for his philanthropy, and his precious wife, Saime Koyuncu, were given to the classes in Toki Kindergarten and Primary School, while the class at Istiklal Secondary School was named after Server Leyla Koyuncu, the late spouses of our Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mustafa Koyuncu.


We attended The Konya Half Marathon for children with autism

Koyuncu Group, which is one of the biggest supporters of the Selcuklu Individuals with Autism Education Foundation and the run for the benefit of children with autism, and participated in the Marathon with approximately 100 of our colleagues, has been the biggest supporter of SOBE Foundation, as it has been since its establishment.