Koyuncu Group was first Established By Sir Refik KOYUNCU, in 1966 and today is a strong standing family company and very successful in its different sectors. KOYUNCU Group has more than 1.000 employees and above 1 billion TL of operating income in the fields of Fuel Oil, Automotive, Vehicle Inspection, Energy, Salt Production, Greenhouse, Marble and Defense Industry.

Fiat dealership in the automotive sector, has been the brand leader in Konya for many years. Jeep and Alfa Romeo sales showroom will be opening very soon and the service of these brands will also available. Services such as second-hand sales, fleet and individual car rentals are also offered.

Koyuncu Group is one of the largest salt producers of Turkey with its modern manufacturing facility in the Salt Lake and retails %50 of salt export of Turkey by itself. Liquid salt plant is located in Bursa and high quality refined liquid salt is produced for the textile sector.

Koyuncu Group is the biggest business partner of TÜVTÜRK with 21 fixed and 11 mobile vehicle inspection stations in 9 provinces.

With 18 solar power plants with 18.5 MWp installed capacity in Konya and Nevşehir, it produces environmentally friendly electricity.

Shell and Total Energies brands, Koyuncu Group, operates a total of 5 fuel stations in Konya city center and Sarayönü district, continues to be the brand leader of Konya in this area.

By newly moving into the defense industry to its fields of activity, Koyuncu Group is the largest private sector partner of the defense industry investment to be realized in Konya under the partnership of Aselsan.

Our group has started geothermal greenhouse investment in the agricultural sector, Afyon Sandıklı region. The planned investment in tomato cultivation in a production area of ​​100,000 m2 with modern soilless farming practices will be completed in 2021. In the project, which is planned to produce 6 million kg of tomatoes per year, 100 people will be employed to contribute to the export of our country.

Koyuncu Kimya Chlorine Alkali Factory, which is planned to be commissioned in 2023, is designed as a modern chemical production facility equipped with the latest technology machinery and equipment. The facility, which is planned to be commissioned in 2023, is expected to employ approximately 50 people in the first phase of production, and additional employment will be provided depending on production and market conditions.

Lastly, Koyuncu Group, which has invested in the natural stone sector, commissioned the gray marble quarry in Kazımkarabekir district of Karaman province in the first half of 2021, and the marble quarry in Konya province Ilgın district in the middle of 2022. The homogeneous and high quality marble in our marble quarries, which have high reserves, has gained great appreciation in domestic and foreign markets in a short time.